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This proprietary web-enabled software serves as an information gathering tool and a knowledge management resource that integrates some key activities typically overlooked in discovery, product development, and manufacturing to ensure that the most effective route to the clinic is utilized for the translation of "unique biologics" and nanomedicines.
We have realized that when it comes to "unique biologic" or nanomedicine translation, many communication challenges exist. This makes sense as Clinicians, Manufacturing Personnel, Regulatory Personnel, as well as Engineers and University Researchers are all involved and needed throughout the development process, yet all speak very different languages, which jeopardizes both the quality and basic understanding of the translational and commercialization process.
 To unify all of these stakeholders under a common language and mitigate these threats, "Pharma-Designs," was created to provide collaborators from differing professional backgrounds an online support tool to create, share, and track all steps for a "unique biologic" or nanomedicine commercialization effort. We are very excited to introduce this novel software product that has the potential to assist our clients in their translational efforts.