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In these tumultuous financial times, early stage biopharmaceutical and nanomedicine developers need a trusted advisor to assist in turning an invention into an innovative product. One thing our experience has taught us is that the proper product planning can be the difference between product potential and paradigm changing product.

Blue Ocean Biomanufacturing is a new kind of business known as a Strategic Manufacturing Partner that works with passionate researchers from academic medical centers and emerging biopharmaceutical companies, focused on bringing long-term product development, clinical and commercialization support to the biopharmaceutical and nanomedicine development community. By leveraging distinct, cutting edge technologies with a seasoned and knowledgeable management team, Blue Ocean is poised to offer clients a comprehensive set of multi-dimensional advisory, manufacturing, and software solutions.

Our advisory services assist clients with the following:
  • Facilitation of realistic product concepts from core inventions.
  • Facilitation of target product profile which will guide product development but is facile enough to pivot if "serendipity" strikes
  • Facilitation of master biopharmaceutical development plan

Our manufacturing services include the following:
  • Process development for "unique" biologics and nanomedicines
  • Product analytical technology development
  • Scale-up production at research and cGMP
Our proprietary software service includes the following:
  • "Pharma-Designs" integrates key biopharmaceutical and nanomedicine development information into a unique product knowledge database suitable for collaborative economical team work